It’s just normal that questions come up while dealing with a ski school. So we collected the most frequent one and accordingly answered them.

Where and when is the meeting point for ski courses?

We have three assembly points: assembly point OST- right next to our headquarters, assembly point WEST- at the Kirchbichllift and a meeting point at Hartkaiser above. The group courses start daily at around 9:45 a.m. and end at around 3:30 p.m. If you are skiing in the valley and at around 3:00 p.m. if you are skiing on the mountain.

Is the ski pass included in the price?

No, ski passes are not included in the price and can be bought individually in our ski school office or at the lift ticket office. Children born 2017 or later travel free. All children born in 2016 or later who use the local lifts or go up the mountain need a lift ticket. Beginners in the valley can use the free magic carpets in our ski school.

Do beginners also need a ski pass?

No, as long as the courses take place on the practice area, no ski pass is required. Depending on the learning progress, the ski instructor will inform you about the need for a ski pass.

Can my children be in a group together?

In principle, yes. However, the prerequisite is the same level of performance. Please speak to the ski instructor directly on site for the allocation.

From what age can children attend a ski course?

Children can take part in the ski course from the age of three. We recommend a minimum age of eight years for snowboard courses.

Is there lunchtime supervision?

Yes, lunchtime supervision can only be booked against cash payment in our ski school office. This does not have to be booked for every day, but can also be booked a new every day.

Can the ski course be postponed in bad weather?

No, the courses also take place in bad weather and cannot be postponed or canceled. Course cancellations due to weather-related influences (force majeure) cannot be replaced.

Can a booked group course be exchanged for private lessons?

Basically yes, a prior appointment and, if necessary, the payment of a surcharge are required.

Will the course time be made up if I am late?

No. The teachers have a very tight schedule and therefore it is not possible for them to make up for the missed time. We therefore ask that you arrive punctually at the start of the course so that you can use every minute of the course.

Will the course fee be refunded in the event of an injury?

A reimbursement of the course fee is only possible by presenting a medical certificate. If the days have already been used, the course will be reimbursed proportionally. Example: You have booked a five-day course (€ 230, -) and only used two days (€ 180, -) of it. Here you will be reimbursed the difference (€ 50, -) from two to five days.

How early do ski and snowboard courses have to be reserved?

The motto here is: the earlier, the better! During the holiday season, we would definitely recommend that you book the lessons in advance by e-mail or via our website so that we can meet your needs. Of course, a short-term booking in our on-site offices is also possible, depending on availability.

Do group courses also take place on Saturday?

No, these take place from Sunday to Thursday for children and from Sunday to Wednesday for adults. There are no group courses on Saturday, however it is possible to book private lessons.

Why do you not offer a half-day group course?

Experience has shown that the learning success achieved is in no relation to a full-day course!

Do I get the course fee back if the children don't like it?

Basically, you can only get the contribution back against a doctor’s confirmation (illness, injury). It is possible to book a taster day for the children and then extend it.

Do the booked ski course days have to follow one another?

Basically yes. It also makes sense to use the days in a row, as the learning program builds on each day. If the course participants skip a day, this could mean that they can no longer attend the course and therefore have to change groups.

In which languages do you teach?

We mainly teach in three languages: German, English and Dutch.

Is it possible to book a ski course with a specific instructor?

Not for group courses, it is of course possible for private courses, but we kindly ask you to give us this instructor’s request as early as possible by phone or email. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request.

Are helmets compulsory in class?

Helmets are not compulsory in Tyrol, but we strongly recommend that our course participants wear a helmet. Since our ski instructors also have a role model function and the safety of our employees is of course very important to us, our instructors are obliged to wear a helmet.

Can you also pay by credit card?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EC cards and cash.

Is the rental equipment included in the course price?

No, this is not included in the price. The rental equipment can be rented in our ski rental at the head office or in the village branch.

Is there also a final race?

Yes, our final race for the children takes place every Thursday. The prizes are then distributed within the group by the respective ski instructor. Each child receives a certificate and a medal. Depending on the ski level, there is a first, second and third place, which is rewarded with a trophy.

Are parents allowed to watch the class?

Yes, but we recommend that parents watch their children from a suitable distance so that the lessons are not disturbed and the children are not distracted.

Why are private ski courses more efficient than group ski courses?

With private ski courses, the ski instructors can individually cater to you, your skiing ability and your needs, thus guaranteeing optimal learning success in a short time. Is it possible to join a course during the week? Basically, groups are divided up on Sunday and Monday. For slightly advanced and advanced learners, entry is also possible during the week.

Is it possible to only go to the group for one day?

We recommend that you take at least three days. Furthermore, the group course program is structured for the whole week. We recommend taking five days, especially for beginners, so that you can master a certain cornerstone of skiing.